B-1 Bomber Association

Mission Statement

The mission of the B-1 Bomber Association is to keep members informed of B-1 Bomber developments in the Combat Air Forces, maintain contact among the members of the B-1 community, and support periodic reunions.

The B-1 Bomber Association is dedicated to the aviators who take the B-1 into the sky, the maintainers, weapons builders and loaders who keep the bombers flying and equipped for combat, the support personnel who advocate and secure the funds and needed equipment, and finally the engineers, technicians, and artisans who designed and built the B-1 and who through the years devised continual improvements to keep it in the air as a viable and successful weapon system.


The specific purpose of the Association is to preserve the history as well as the personal and professional relationships of individuals associated with the B-1 Bomber. This is accomplished by facilitating and maintaining contact among the current and former members of the B-1 aircraft community and to sponsor and participate in reunions and other social events of the membership. Additionally, the Association will disseminate authoritative information regarding the history and accomplishments of the B-1 aircraft, the squadrons that operated them, and the individuals who flew, maintained, developed and supported them.

Board Members

Clint “Stick” Taylor, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Roy “Uncle Roy” Walker, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
Vice President

Matt “Member” Rodman, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)

Dan “Weapons God” Hutson, CMsgt,
USAF (Ret)
Senior Board Member

Non-Profit Status

The Association was incorporated in perpetuity on 22 September, 2009 as a non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation organized under the State of Texas Corporations Code, under articles of incorporation filed with the Secretary of State of Texas (SOS Form 202).

The Association satisfies the requirements for IRS tax exempt status under Section 501(c) (19) of the Internal Revenue Code. (Note: 75 percent of membership must be past or present members of the Armed Forces of the United States. Further, substantially all other members, if any, must be cadets, or spouses, widows, or widowers of past or present members of the Armed Forces of the United States or of cadets).

B-1 Bomber Association Logo/Coin Description

The design of the B-1 Bomber Association Logo Graphic is an “off-shoot” of the original 25th Anniversary graphic. The Association Logo Graphic is also part of the Front-Side of the Membership Coin.

Since the B-1 Bomber Association came into being because of the 25th anniversary reunion event, it was only fitting to adopt major portions of the 25th Anniversary Logo Graphic and make it a part of the association’s heraldry.

The “Six Stars” on the front side represent the six original B-1 Squadrons. The 338th CCTS, 337th BS, 37th BS, 77th BS, 46th BS, and the 28th BS.

The United States Flag with the B-1 overhead silhouette signifies the bombers’ purpose to protect the United States of America from its enemies.

As for the back-side of the B-1 Bomber Association Coin, the graphic depicts a black B-1 head-on frontal silhouette signifying the harbinger of death and destruction against the enemy.

The coin is ringed with the bases the B-1 has been operationally assigned or associated with.

The date “29 June 1985” commemorates the delivery of the B-1 to the first operational base (Dyess).

The motto “Semper BONE” means “Always B-1”. It signifies the loyalty that we who have been a part of the B-1 have towards this premier warfighting aircraft.

*Graphics courtesy of Signature Coins

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